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Animal magic

This autumn marks the release of our titles in North America, including the fabulous Three Silly Chickens, written and illustrated by Tanya Fenton.

Croc on the Rock by Marion Clarke is another title illustrated by Tanya Fenton.

Later this year we'll be linking up with farms, zoos and wildlife centres to promote our exciting collection of animal themed stories.



Colour magic

Next year, we are also promoting books that have colours as their theme. Mr White will be taking centre stage.

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Trade sales

MMS has recently teamed up with Hogs Back books to provide sales support into the education market and overseas is now also representing Hogs Back Books in the trade.







New releases

Take a look at our latest picture books including the explosive Boris the Boastful Frog - it is simply breathtaking!

Boris can do anything. He can jump, swim and dive better than anyone else - or so he says. But one day, his boasting gets the better of him ...

Boris the Boastful Frog

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A is for Alphabet

We have recently launched two more titles in our A is for Alphabet series with F is for Football and E is for Egypt. Visitors to London love the quirky facts in L is for London and O is for Olympics is the perfect accompaniment to the Olympic games in Tok, 2016.


L is for London . . . O is for Olympics - cover .